Welcome to Mason Made!

Welcome to Mason Made!

Mason Made is about living well. We believe there is an essential connection between mind, body, and spirit. We are what we eat, so what we put in our bodies is of paramount importance. Caring for mind, body, and spirit involves balance, and we’re convinced a vital part of that is indulging every so often. We think there are, in fact, ways to do this more healthfully.

Part of Sarah’s journey to living better involved a revelation that she needed to cut gluten out of her life. Not willing to sacrifice necessary indulgences she so enjoyed, she set out to recreate familiar recipes in a way that worked for her body. Natalie, learning more about her friend Sarah’s experience realized they both shared a growing fascination with the undeniable connection between food and how we feel.
The mission of Mason Made is to contribute what we have learned to the ever-expanding community of gluten intolerant, celiac sufferers, and even food lovers looking for healthier alternatives.

This happens to be one of the reasons Mason Made is developing a scrumptious menu of gluten-free treats that will be available locally in NYC in 2013 and expanding to new cities in the next few years! We have a whole host of delicious gluten-free recipes under our belts – and we want to show you that ‘delicious’ and ‘gluten-free’ don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Mason Made won’t just explore ideas on how to eat, but will also focus on whole living, from keeping a healthier home and creating less waste to thoughtful style & beauty. In with the good and nourishing and out with the bad and toxic!

Here you will find:

-Ideas on how to eat and live with greater consciousness to mental & physical health
-Real people (not professional chef) real kitchen tested recipes using gluten-free ingredients and healthy alternatives
-What ingredients are better choices and what works best with your body’s systems
-Resources for gluten-free living

We hope you will join us on our journey to clean up & clean out our lives, all the while enjoying the occasional treat!

-Sarah & Natalie

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