Sarah Mason created Mason Made from a lifelong passion for eating. A born sweet tooth, she found balance in life by focusing on healthful delicious consumption with the occasional total indulgence (usually in the form of something chocolate). A severe episode of gluten intolerance in 2003 caused Sarah to have to make some major changes to the way she thought and dreamt about, and most importantly ate food.

Only momentarily was Sarah’s life balance set askew. Always self-sufficient in creating her food desires, Sarah founded the Amherst College Cooking Club- knowing from experience that good food always brings out the best in people.  When Sarah transplanted to NYC she found herself in a mecca of culinary creation, but with very little in the way gluten-free offerings.  Her small oven was the incubator for Mason Made. Now, a network of foodie, financial, freelancing, and philanthropic friends are helping Mason Made products find their way to mass market.