Our Mission

Our mission (and yours too, should you choose to accept it) is to eat & make great tasting, totally satisfying, wonderfully indulgent, texturally pleasing sweet and savory treats…that just so happen to be gluten free.

We lovingly make our food by hand, and we refuse to compromise on taste or texture. Those living with a gluten allergy or sensitivity know how difficult it is to find GF food that truly measures up (let alone is edible). We chose to accept the challenge and create it. The best confirmation we get that we’re accomplishing our goals is our GF friends who tell us it’s the best they’ve ever had, and our non GF friends who also tell us it’s they best they ever had- and claim they had no idea our goodies are gluten free.

We will help you eat what you love and love how you feel. We are dedicated to nourishing both the mind and the body and raising awareness about gluten intolerance and celiac disease while offering you delectable gluten free baked good (the solution to a growing health issue!).

Mason Made’s Mission = MMM.